Are you a student who want’s to build understanding of the stigmatized voices in our society? Join our collaborative workshop. We share in the stories of people with lived experiences of poverty, mental health issues, marginalization and stigma. Creative breakout groups and informal sharing follow our featured storyteller, and we share your reflections on our growing platform of voices building social empathy.



Graphic novelist? Painter? Illustrator? Do you want to make art with a social focus? We’re looking for artists to join our ongoing workshop series. Listen to the featured storyteller, participate in small creative discussion groups, chat with folks from the community and create a simple reflective piece based on your experience. Our goal is to share a variety of perspectives on these incredible stories, building community empathy and breaking down stigmas in the process.



Do you have lived experience or relationship to the marginalized folks in your community? We would love to bring your perspective into our collaborative workshop series. Join people from a variety of backgrounds who want to build understanding and break down social barriers through creativity. Share your story with the group, followed by a brief Q&A, breakout creative discussion, and informal group chat. Provide a brief reflection on your experience that we can share with the community.


Are you interested in sharing the voices of marginalized people in your community? We’re looking for allied voices in the movement against stigma around poverty, homelessness, addiction, and mental health. Participate in collaborative workshops where we experience the stories from the margins, work creatively in small groups, and discuss our learning together. We want to share your reflections to build a stronger more supportive community for us all.


Community Collaborator

Are you a member of the community who experiences the marginalization and stigma around poverty, mental health or related issues? Join our collaborative workshop. We’ll feature a storyteller with lived experience and share our reflections in small groups using simple creative methods. We encourage sharing your perspective and relationship to story BUT your confidentiality and well-being is always our priority. As facilitators, we will maintain a safe environment of mutual respect for all participants and an honorarium is provided.