A creative, adaptive, self-starter with an aptitude for social entreprise, Marko passionately dedicates his energy and skills towards helping those in need.
During the past 7 years he has founded electric bicycle company Pedal Easy and worked extensively in social projects around inclusion and mental health with Power To Be and Students on Ice.
Recognizing the importance of connection in his own life, The Existence Project is an extension of a greater calling to build empathy and humanity within the communities we care about.

Contact: marko@theexistenceproject.ca


Creative Director

An artist and student of creative culture, Ali's path into the Canadian art community has been as unconventional as his work. His dedication to fellow artists brought opportunities to organize independent art events, international painting tournaments, and travel Canada while hosting shows. With lifelong experience of poverty and mental health challenges, Ali works to empathize with others by first understanding himself, sharing in stories of success and failure along the way.

Contact: ali@theexistenceproject.ca



From working in the fashion industry in New York City, to homesteading in Clayquot Sound, Gillian has a way of finding community wherever she goes. Motivated by the diversity in the human experience, and possessing the belief that every person’s story holds power and knowledge, her inquisitive nature is fuelled by the openness of others. Passionate about cultivating creativity and mindful activity, Gillian challenges the false beliefs fed to us through the general media, instead celebrating the imperfections that make us human.


Web Developer

Born and raised in Victoria, Adam has always been fascinated with technology. Comfortable with computers from an early age, he recently decided to explore his passion and began making websites in 2018. He is excited to be working on the Existence project and glad for the opportunity give back to his community. He looks forward to helping non-profits spread their message to the world as well as other businesses and individuals grow through the power of the web.

Contact: adam@theexistenceproject.ca


Outreach Coordinator

An engaged community member with a passion for social inclusion, Rachael is constantly surprised by how much we have to learn from each other. With a background in sociology and community work, Rachael is deeply passionate about building relationships to empower and engage communities. Having been challenged by what it means to truly be connected to the people in her own life, Rachael greatly values the work of The Existence Project in fostering a space to build community and connection based on the basic shared human experience.


Communications Coordinator

Excited by the potential for creativity and online media to tell the stories that need to be told, Meera hopes to use it to connect people from all reaches. She also believes in the power of empathy and inclusion to build a better world. With experience in social media, communication, workshop programming and community support, Meera is beyond grateful to continue to grow along side the Existence Project.