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Moving Day tells the story of the people who were left outside – quite literally – during a global pandemic, the community that came together, and the day that could pull them apart.

This film chronicles the eviction of a homeless encampment in downtown Victoria B.C. With the rise of Covid-19, shelters closed, jobs were lost, and homelessness in Victoria swelled. A community formed as an encampment in the city’s landmark park. As they learn of an ambitious plan to house everyone by March 31, 2021, uncertainty in the park, and in their lives mounts.

Directed by
Kendra Crighton
Meera Mathew

Produced by
Marko Curuvija
The Existence Project

Moving Day Learning Walk

Produced in conjunction with the film Moving Day, this map aims to provide viewers the opportunity to engage with complex issues surrounding homelessness and the people experiencing it.

Take a walk through the park, in person or virtually, to learn more about stigma, addiction, peer led supports, community care and more.

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