Podcasts, professional art, photos and reflections from our workshops in Victoria, BC

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Kym Hines – Catalyst For Change

Kym was born into an unhealthy upbringing with many years of generational abuse and alcoholism. Born female, Kym made the transgendered switch to male at a time it was widely mistreated. Many years of poverty, abuse and oppression drew him to self-destruction—nearly taking his life. See what incentive Kym used to turn his life around and give him the motivation to not only change his life, but to change the world too.

Ken Wylie – Under The Snow

In 2003, Ken was working as an apprentice ski guide when the group he was leading with his mentor was caught in an avalanche. Of the thirteen people buried in the snow, only six survived. After years of struggling to come to terms with this tragedy, Ken sat down and started to write about it.

Terry Edison-Brown – A Place Called Home

Terry thought he grew up in a stable home, and labeled unsettling behaviour as ‘normal’ to avoid conflict. This automatic response quickly spiraled his entire life into complete emptiness. When he was there, someone reached out a hand to help that saved his life.

Ali Kahn – Breaking The Cycle

Ali Kahn tells the story of his decades-long struggle to open up a dialogue both with others and within himself about unacknowledged – and intergenerational – mental health issues. Growing up with limited access to social services and a mistrust of the system, Ali slipped through the cracks.

Leonard James – Peace From Broken Pieces

Leonard James’ story is a first person account of the ‘ripple effect’ of the residential school system. His narrative explores the residual effects of addiction, depression, guilt, poverty and homelessness that stem from a trauma ridden past.

Hilary Marks – Chasing Affection

Hilary grew up in your typical-looking Jewish family, but it was far from typical. Unable to go on any further, she finally turned to the streets to fill her voids. In this podcast, Hilary shares what life was really like as a woman out on the streets.

More stories coming soon!