A body-based education on trauma from a person with lived experience of homelessness.

How Does It Feel is a two hour workshop where you can learn about trauma, complex PTSD (c-PTSD) and the nervous system from someone who has experienced homelessness. This unique workshop teaches somatic tools to regulate the nervous system and empowers you with the knowledge of how to help and support those living with trauma.

You will leave our workshop with:

1 - An understanding of what trauma is and how it interacts with the nervous system

2 - Knowledge of how to support an individual struggling with complex-PTSD

3 - Personal tools to help yourself and others develop a resilient nervous system


The value of Serafina’s words are their weight in gold as far, I’m concerned. For someone to find the means not only to construct the mental models they require, but also to share and educate those around them on the language and engagement that best suits their needs will 10/10 times be more useful than textbook assumptions; so many useful insights, thank you for sharing your world!

- Nicholas G.

I appreciated the space that was made to field questions from participants that were really specific to their work. That was so helpful and I think helps make the workshop so adaptable.

- Anonymous

Very powerful. WOW! You spoke to many of my concerns regarding folks I see every day. You have definitely impacted my approach and understanding. Thank you!

- Anonymous

I feel like I have a much more experiential understanding of c-PTSD now which makes such a
difference when it comes to working with someone who’s living with it. I have heard about
strategies before, but to be able to really understand why or why not a behaviour is useful made me feel more confident in navigating those interactions going forward.

- Anonymous