Keeping It Human: A group workshop for organizations, community groups and businesses that want to build connection and understanding with communities facing barriers to inclusion

What is it?

Each three-hour workshop employs a professionally trained storyteller whose narrative serves as the reference point for group exercises that explore:

Story – Listening to an intimate story from a professional storyteller

Reflection - Asking questions and engaging in meaningful group dialogue

Relationship –Building a personal relationship to the story through a guided creative process

Your team will leave this workshop with:

-A shared understanding of issues pertaining to specific groups with barriers to inclusion

-A deeper sense of individual connection and understanding to people facing barriers to inclusion

-A greater individual capacity for deep listening and empathy

-An experience that empowers storytellers from a marginalized community with an opportunity to share their voice


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Call us at 250-813-1434 for a free consultation.

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We meet with your team to design a workshop that is right for you.
We have a wide roster of professionally trained storytellers designed to fit whatever inclusion-based focus you see as a priority for your organization.
Depending on the size of your group we can offer individual workshops for up to 14 individuals or multiple workshops to incorporate more people!

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Running the workshop(s)!