Keeping It Human: A group workshop for organizations, community groups and businesses that want to build connection and understanding with communities facing barriers to inclusion

What is it?

A customized, interactive workshop connecting socially minded organizations and businesses to storytellers from marginalized communities. Each workshop will engage your team in:

Story- Listening to the story of a trained storyteller from a marginalized community

Reflection- Asking questions and engaging in meaningful group dialogue

Relationship- Building a personal relationship to story through a guided creative process

We can help your organization:

-Build inclusivity and social awareness into your employee workplace culture and organizational practices.

-Build connection to the experiences and needs of marginalized communities

-Respond to marginalized communities with understanding and compassion

-Create a strategy for ongoing learning

We offer workshops tailored to your interest on a fee-for-service rate. Cost is dependent on group size, customized program requests, and number of workshops.

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