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Take a second, and imagine what home feels like

Now imagine building a community where everyone felt at home

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Community Builder Program

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Community Builder Program

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4 of 50 donors

What is the Community Builder Program?

The Community Builder Program is a growing community of people who have committed a monthly donation of any amount. This donation will help us create a pathway for unhoused people to share their experience, build a caring community of housed and unhoused people across our city and impact the way that policy and people are addressing homelessness.

And becoming a Community Builder has its perks!
Monthly donors will:

  • Receive early access to our online video content
  • Have an opportunity to participate in storytelling workshops for our donor community
  • Provide us with long-term financial resiliency that we need to remain independent

Become part of our monthly giving program and together, let's start building the community we want to live in today!