We are hiring a Program Coordinator!

Jun 17, 2024

We are hiring a Program Coordinator! Position Overview: The Existence Project is a charitable initiative with a mission to humanize homelessness. We envision communities as a place where everyone feels at home. We fulfill this purpose by providing pathways for community members who are unhoused to share their story, creating places for housed and unhoused … Read more

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Looking for steering committee members!

Apr 16, 2024

We’re on the look out for new steering committee members who can provide strategic support and advice to the Existence Project’s work. Specific skills in marketing, curriculum development, strategic planning or fundraising would be a great asset. The Steering Committee is a voluntary advisory group to both the Existence Project and MakeWay Senior Management Team. … Read more

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Dennis Palubeski – The Road Less Travelled By

Aug 4, 2020

Dennis, a writer, poet and storyteller who has experienced intermittent homelessness throughout his lifetime sat down with us to discuss his process coming out and speaking publicly to his experience on the street. Transformation, empowerment and the ability to have a choice in life all underlie a complex, candid and hopeful discussion with a man who has overcome homelessness.

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Beacon Hill Park – an interview with Shea Smith – Up Close

Jul 22, 2020

A mini-documentary profiling Shea Smith, a resident at Beacon Hill Park. Shea, a recognized leader and representative of the homeless community in Victoria, spoke to us about how he landed at Beacon Hill, his personal and community experience during the COVID era and the challenges and opportunities he sees for housing the homeless community.

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Policy, Practice, and Public Space – Up Close

Jun 10, 2020

Mayor Lisa Helps has been serving the City of Victoria in her current role since November 15th, 2014. This Wednesday, she joins us to talk about policies and processes in municipal government, and examine the relationship between public spaces and personhood.

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The Right to Sleep and Alternative Housing solutions – Up Close

May 31, 2020

David Arthur Johnston became a recognized figure across communities during the 2008 Right to Sleep campaign that saw his arrest and eventual trial lead to a landmark ruling allowing people to sleep in tents in public parks overnight.

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Peer Support & Emergency Housing – Up Close

May 26, 2020

Kay Martin, a peer support worker downtown, shares her experience of the impact of COVID in homeless communities, temporary housing solutions, and possible next steps.

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Melissa Barnhard – My Story is a Medicine

Mar 18, 2020

We speak with Melissa Barnhard, an indigenous peer support worker and survivor of the foster care system who has started sharing her story across the city with a peer-led initiative called Face to Face with Stigma.
Her experiences have her an acute awareness of the impacts intergenerational trauma has had on her community and seen her jump into an advocacy and support role.

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