Our work takes place on the unceeded territory of the Lekwungen speaking Coast Salish People, specifically the Songhees, Wsanec and Esquimalt Nations.

In July 2016 starting solely from a will to understand the lives of people lining the sideways in his community, Marko set out interviewing folks on the street with a notebook and his IPhone recorder. Fate would lead him to the Mayor's community drop-in where he would meet a young man experiencing homelessness who would invite him to a recovery home & drop-in centre for the homeless, Anawim House.

Over time, he would form relationships with the staff and clients of Anawim - informing a a writing workshop that would bring together people from the marginalized and Greater Victoria community. The Existence Project was born.

Since then, with the help of Ali Kahn, the Creative Director of The Existence Project (and the very same individual he met at the mayor's drop-in), The workshop has evolved into an interactive process that runs out of schools, downtown service providers and public venues with the common goal of building connection and understanding in our community.

Everybody has a story, and we believe that story is the key towards building connection, dignity and belonging for everyone, no matter their race, background or socioeconomic status.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

Maya Angelou, poet and civil rights activist